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This blog will contain my reflections and progress within the field of modelling and predicting sports probabilities, especially for soccer matches inplay. Although placing bets on different matches I don't consider myself as a bettor, I see myself as an investor placing money where I have edge and finds value. Sports betting is fantastic!

Pregame Match Odds favourite

AnalysisPosted by Tobias Bramhed Thu, July 09, 2015 14:14:40
I keep on mining my data and sometimes it is just interesting to get some graphs on the most basic data, looking at the simple things. This is a graph showing how the distribution of pregame favourite is. Data is from all Betfair soccer matches that I have recorded during the last year.

1 = Home team is pregame favourite

X = Draw is pregame favourite

2 = Away team is pregame favourite

E = No clear pregame favourite

I will be back looking further on this by applying some filters.

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