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This blog will contain my reflections and progress within the field of modelling and predicting sports probabilities, especially for soccer matches inplay. Although placing bets on different matches I don't consider myself as a bettor, I see myself as an investor placing money where I have edge and finds value. Sports betting is fantastic!

Result 2015 march - july

Betting resultPosted by Tobias Bramhed Sat, August 29, 2015 12:52:40
Here comes the results with July data:

As you can see July was pretty slow with only 384 bets. 0.3% in ROI gave me a whopping 500 SEK :) Thats about 50 Euros.

The underlying ROI is on 1.9%, this indicates that I have had some bad luck. Comparing to May the underlying ROI was also 1.9% but I managed to squeeze out 1.6% in real ROI.

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