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This blog will contain my reflections and progress within the field of modelling and predicting sports probabilities, especially for soccer matches inplay. Although placing bets on different matches I don't consider myself as a bettor, I see myself as an investor placing money where I have edge and finds value. Sports betting is fantastic!

Result 2016-05

Betting resultPosted by Tobias Bramhed Tue, June 14, 2016 21:22:04
Finally the Euro Championship 2016 has started, yesterday Sweden managed to get 1-1 against Ireland BY PURE LUCK. A big Disappointment, I really hope that the Swedish team can get it together for the match against Italy on Friday.

Now for the results updated with May:

984 bets executed, and the model turned the bad trend from March and April into a small profit of 1012 SEK (equivalent to 0.3 % ROI).

Breaking it down in back type:

The away and under betting is still in loosing figures, but when examining the effects of changes made in 12:th of may:

We see positive ROI on all types, even if the sample size is quite small I embrace the positive vibes :)

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